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        Beverage industry
        The general rules of 254SMO stainless steel technical specification: only in the correct metallurgical state and strict manufacturing and processing level, can the corrosion resistance effect of the standard be achieved. 1、 Reference standard 1, ASTM product standard (1), ASTM A182 / B462 forged alloy steel pipe flange, pipe fittings, valves and parts. (2) ASTM a276 / B649 stainless steel and alloy steel bars and profiles for boilers and pressure vessels. (3) ASTM A269 / b674 / b676 welded austenitic and nickel base alloy pipe (T) (P). (4) ASTM A312 / 358 / b677 / B390 / B690 austenitic and nickel base alloy seamless steel pipe (P) (T). (5) ASTM A403 / b366 austenitic and nickel alloy pipe fittings. (6) ASTM a240 / b625 / b688 austenitic and nickel alloy steel plates. (7) ASTM a351.b494 austenitic and nickel alloy castings.
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