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        How much do you know about the principle of stainless steel pipe fittings
        Time:2020-08-02 Views:4264
        How much do you know about the principle of stainless steel compression type pipe fittings? Do you know how to use the stainless steel compression type pipe fittings? The following is an introduction by Kang Yu.

        The working principle of the clamping type pipe fitting is to insert the thin-wall stainless steel pipe into the socket of the compression type pipe fitting, and use the special clamping tool to clamp the stainless steel pipe in the pipe fitting. The cross-section shape of the clamping position is hexagonal. In addition, there is an O-ring seal between the stainless steel pipe and the pipe fitting, so that it has the characteristics of anti leakage, anti drawing, anti vibration and high pressure resistance. Therefore, it is a good connector in direct drinking water system, tap water system, heating system, steam system, industrial oil pipe system and industrial gas pipe system. Suitable for water, oil, gas pipeline connection.
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